You’ve Just Run Out of Excuses for Not Training in Virtual Reality

Tell your employees to clear out a space in their home office. Send them a VR headset. Have them plug it in and charge it up. Now they’re ready for an afternoon of discovery and learning in the new world of virtual reality.

Yes, it’s that easy.

If you choose to use the new Oculus Quest, it’s only $299 for 64GB of RAM; it weighs under two pounds. But you don’t need to know RAM from ROM to use and enjoy the new headset. All your employees have to do is point and click some controllers to start learning, even if they’ve never put on a VR headset before.

Once they’re in the headset, a well-designed VR training makes it easy for your team to jump right in. The interactions should be intuitive and mimic real life; the design should be clean and straightforward. And as they go through the training, the programs we create can sync up with your LMS so you can see results quickly.

You can work with us to create a dazzling array of training programs and experiences, using voice, gaze, and controller based interactions to teach skills and create a sense of empathy. VR training works for simple tasks like correctly stocking a grocery store shelf all the way to complex human interactions like interviewing families in crisis.

But VR is so much more than just another delivery mechanism for information. Multiple studies show that VR leads to greater retention of content, better preparedness for difficult conversations, and massive decreases in worker turnover and all sorts of associated cost savings.

Right now, we at Friends With Holograms are thinking about ways to create even better experiences and deploy them at scale. What other behaviors can we allow users to practice? How can we create more impact and make worker’s lives better? How can we improve productivity and cut down on training time?

We are designing experiences to grow with your workforce as their skill sets expand. As technology evolves and changes, we will continue to innovate while keeping the story and the results at the heart of everything we do.

Write to us today for more information.

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This piece, if you weren’t around in the eighties or recently watched the Steve Jobs documentary on Hulu, is based on an early Apple II ad. Just think what would have happened if you’d invested in Apple then.

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